• The squad monitors the campus to detect unlawful activities.
  • Surprise inspections are made in the campus to ensure the safety and security of the students.
  • The students found guilty are punished based on evidence.
  • The squad also monitors whether the students are punctual to the College, assembly and classes.
  • Students without ID card within the campus are warned.


  • (Mrs.) P. Saraswathi, Principal.


  • A.Anuradha, Department of Chemistry.
  • (Ms.) K. Radhai, Department of English.
  • (Mrs.) V. Anitha, Department of Physical Education.
  • (Mrs.) V. Sasirekha, Department of Computer Science.
  • S. Kalaimani, Department of Zoology.
  • S.V. Ramesh, Department of Commerce.
  • K. Ramesh, Department of Mathematics.
  • M. Karthi, Department of English.
  • K. Priya, Department of Computer Science.
  • M. Alamelu, Department of Mathematics.
  • M. Arunya, Department of Textile and Fashion Designing.