The Designer contest AFZARILA’19 conducted by the Department of Textile and Fashion Designing was held in the auditorium on 25th March 2019
Our chairperson Smt. N. Senthamaraai, the chief guest Mrs. Rama Rajesh and Mr. Gururaj, Our Director Mr. S. Ommsharravana and Our Dean Dr. V. R. Parameswari lit the lamp.
Dr. V. R. Parameswari, the Dean welcomed the gathering and Smt. N. Sendamaraai the chairperson honored the chief guests.
The chief guest Mrs. Rama Rajesh and Mr. Gururaj shared their ideas about fashion and designer contest fashion is not only about wearing clothes and accessories in a stylish manner but it is also to understand the occasion, culture and style of a particular person or place. Thus, fashion designing takes a lot of time because the fashion designer has to study the occasion, place, climatic material and several other things before creative designs and outfits.
We all love fashion; but being fashionable does not always mean that you wear expensive clothes or accessories, you can wear trendy and simple clothes and yet look fashionable.
The word fashion attracts everyone. To put it in simple words, it is basically the style of wearing clothes, accessories and ornaments according to the ruling trend. Our director suggested that the students should have to create new innovative techniques in their presentations. He also appreciated the students for the efforts in creativity.
Mr. S. Jeeva, Assistant Professor and HOD of TFD department proposed a formal vote of thanks and the function came to an end with the National Anthem.


Start Time

10:00 am

March 25, 2019

Finish Time

2:00 pm

March 25, 2019


Auditorium, College Campus

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