Creative Club Activities – 2020


In our J. K. K. NATARAJA COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCE, Creative Club activities were conducted on 15 th February 2020, Saturday. The members of the club participated in its activities like Turn Coat, Puzzles and Riddles. For Turn Coat, topics were given to students and they were instructed to talk in favour of and against it for five minutes. Their performance was marked as GOOD, BETTER, & FAIR. For Riddles and Puzzles, the students were divided into three teams as A,B,& C. The questions were posted in turns and marks were allotted. Team B secured the first place. The winners will be honored on the College Day.


Start Time

10:00 am

February 15, 2020

Finish Time

3:00 pm

February 15, 2020


College Campus