Webinar Series 8 – Digital Tools for E-Content Development


In our J.K.K.Nataraja College of Arts and Science, Komarapalayam, the Department of Computer Science (Aided) has conducted a Webinar on “Digital Tools for E-Content Development”, scheduled on 09.05.2020. Dr. S. Nirmaladevi, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, Government Arts & Science College, Komarapalayam has presented the webinar session using Google Meet.
This webinar focused on the tools which are available for E-content development. Initially, the basic concepts related to E-content were discussed. The format of E-content deliverables and four quadrant approach in SWAYAM are explained.
Hands-on experience is given for creating videos using PowerPoint. Also how to create videos using screen capture tools like Screencast-o-Matic and Windows Media Encoder are discussed with live demonstration. The apps used to create videos through mobile screen capturing technique are also listed.
The methods of disseminating the created videos through Google classroom, providing link from Google drive and uploading the videos to YouTube are also elucidated.
In amid COVID – 19 pandemic situation, the participants actively involve them self and raised various questions related to the topic and our speaker clarified their doubts. At the end of each session, feedback were collected through Google feedback form.
Through Google Form, 440 faculty members from various Institution/Organization were registered for this webinar. It includes three members from other countries (Ethiopia, Malaysia and Oman) and 23 from other states.
Morning session ( 11am – 1pm ) was conducted with 250 members. It has been repeated again in afternoon session ( 3pm
– 5pm) for the remaining members, due to overwhelming response from the participants.

Live streaming also went in parallel for our institution faculty member.
Dr.K.P.Sivagami, Associate Professor & Head, Department of Computer Science hosted the webinar and welcome the participants. Ms.A.Geetha, Associate Professor introduced the speaker. Finally, Dr.E.Haripriya, Assistant Professor has ended the session by rendering vote of Thanks.


Start Time

11:00 am

May 9, 2020

Finish Time

1:00 pm

May 9, 2020


Google Hangout Meet