I am enchanted in holding up the stance of the Institution in welcoming and assimilating the interest and inherent skills of the students and regard of the parents to the management of J.K.K. Rangammal Charitable Trust and its unit J.K.K. Nataraja College of Arts and Science, Komarapalayam. Started in 1974 by a Philanthropist J.K.K. Nataraja Chettiyar, our Institution aims to fulfill the needs of stakeholder with the involvement of members of faculty through appropriately evolved academic and administrative strategies.

Impeccable qualifications and rich experience of the members of faculty enhance the life skills of students and enable them to perform their related roles and attain their goals while retaining their individuality.

The academic ambience of the Institution and the quality education provided here pave way for the holistic development of the students with Uniqueness in Integrity and Commonness in Diversity keeping pace with the contemporary system of education.

Dr. (Mrs) P. Saraswathi