Principal’s Message

     I have devoted my career in educating, inspiring, and advocating students. I am looking forward to provide quality education with my decades of experience to cultivate academic excellence, employability, ethical values and to nurture the hidden potential in every student of our institution. Started in 1974 by a Philanthropist J.K.K. Nataraja Chettiyar, our Institution J. K. K. Nataraja College of Arts and Science aims to fulfill the needs of stakeholders with the involvement of members of faculty through appropriately evolved academic and administrative strategies.

     We firmly believe that every student of our institution can experience success and go on to graduate as a responsible, resilient and confident young adult, well prepared to take charge of their future and to become a productive member of the community. We take pride in helping our students grow and develop into sensitive and responsible citizens of the future. I am sure that our students of today will carry forward the Motto of our institution “love, learn and serve” throughout their lifetime.

Principal i/c